Wednesday, October 18, 2017

S&R Window Shopping (WS#1)

 This giant pumpkin caught our attention because of its size, it's really big and cute at the same time...  and has some candies inside.   Looks "matibay" and the children could use this over and over, year after year

Giant Chupa Choops!

I didn't know they have marshmallows this big :)

Travel Mug Gift Set, 6 pieces for P1,499.95
costs P249.99 per piece.
Oh, by the way, it says in the box that it
"Contains Hot Cocoa Mix and Marshmallows"

Pasta galore, they have so much  on stock, forgot to take picture of the whole aisle
stocked up with different kinds of pasta...
Penne Regate P82.00 per kilo

Spaghetti Pasta only P72.00 per kilo

Expiration is 2020, so we can still stock up on these pastas
for the coming holidays

Macaroni Pasta, perfect for our Macaroni Salads!

Fettucine Pasta also around P82.00 per kilo

1st Class Bihon Noodles for only P85.00 for 800 grm pack

Patis ""Fish Sauce", 2-1 liter cost is P98.00

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