Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Start Your Day with QUAKER Good Start Oat Dairy Drink in a Bottle

Our most recent discovery is Quaker’s Good Start Oat Dairy Drink in a bottle.  Yes, this is an instant favorite of Sam (my daughter), as I have mentioned from my previous article here, she’s not a ‘heavy breakfast’ kind of person. 

We first tasted this Oat Drink in one of the sports activities in our church and almost all the children loved this drink, and we liked it too.

Picture from the Web

This is just a clever idea to put in a PET bottle a morning drink, how awesome is that J.  Actually you can have it anytime of the day, warm or cold, it’s so delicious.  Quaker Good Start comes in two delicious flavors, Vanilla Malt and Banana Crème.  My daughter liked both flavors, but she did mention that the Banana Crème has that special flavor in it and she just loves it.

This is what we have in stock now, Sam just loves the Banana Crème Flavor.  I love the idea that you can just grab the bottle, put it in your bag and have an awesome healthy drink anytime of the day, even when you are on the go anywhere.

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