Thursday, March 29, 2012


1 large Ampalaya
3-4 pcs Red Tomatoes, sliced diagonally
1 whole Onion,sliced diagonally
½ cup White Vinegar or any type of vinegar you prefer
2 tbsps Salt

Slice ampalaya in half lengthwise, with a teaspoon scrape-off all the white membrane in the middle.  Wash and pat dry the ampalaya, then cut in into thin slices.  Put the sliced Ampalaya in a bowl, sprinkle with about 2 tbsps salt, stir very well and set aside for awhile.  After 15 minutes wash the ampalaya with ¼ cup vinegar, stirring gently, then pour out the vinegar.  When drained,  add the tomatoes, onion and remaining ¼ cup vinegar (a little bit at a time), add salt if needed.  Refrigerate for a while and serve.
Delicious paired with fried chicken adobo!


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