Monday, May 9, 2016

Aster Medical and Diagnostic Clinic, Now Open 24/7

Aster Medical and Diagnostic Clinic recently held a Health Talk Bloggers Day  and I was one of those who were invited to visit them and see for ourselves the modern facilities  they have at the Center.  They are located at the 2nd Floor of St. Francis Square Bldg., Dona Julia Vargas St., Ortigas Avenue, right at the back of Megamall Bldg. A.

Upon arrival I was asked to fill-out a form to get my details.  With ASTER you will have to do this only once as they will encode your details in their computer system and have it on file, plus your index finger print.

They have a paperless system through Electronic Media Records (EMR).  All transactions are paperless.  Everytime you wil visit or have a consultation with their doctors, all you will need is your index finger print and your data will be accessible to the doctor, yes, only the doctors have access to the patient’s health files/history.

This was further explained to us by Aster Clinic Operations Manager Mr. Emerson  Conducto, he said “there are no other clinics in the Philippines with an EMR system, except ASTER.  We are passionate about patient protection and privacy"  In other hospitals / clinics, we may see computers around, but it doesn’t mean that their computers have connectivity and functionality and they have a system.  Only Aster Medical has this capability at the moment.

Mr. Emerson  Conducto

Btw, after they have my input my info into their system, I received a text confirmation of the registration indicating my unique I.D. No. I can use it in all future communications with Aster Medical, plus I can access my own health record online, anytime I need it.  I just need to log on to the Aster Medical website at

Dr. Nicco Alegro gave a very enlightening talk about Hypertension and Diabetes, I will do a separate post about it (so watch for it guys).

Dr. Nicco Alegro

Ms. Joyce Alumno, President and Country Manager of Aster DM Healthcare gave us further insights about Aster Medical, and said that "Aster Dm Healthcare is one of the largest health conglomerates in he Gulf Region, Middle East and India. Founded by Dr. Azad Moopen, the Dubai-based healthcare conglomerate is committed in delivering quality and affordable healthcare in the country where it is present. 

Ms. Joyce Alumno

At Aster Medical & Diagnostic Clinic, they have state-of-the-art facilities here in the Philippines and abroad.  These are photos I have taken during our tour of the clinic.

For more information about ASTER, please visit 

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