Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CHICKEN ARROZCALDO (Congee) & TOKWA’T BABOY (Fried Beancurd & Pork Belly)

We had this “Old Time Favorite” a few weeks ago, we had to stay indoors because of so much rain, we wanted to just stay home, watch tv, read some books, and me blogging, what else can you think of when it’s raining, but eat something hot, and delicious, so I decided to prepare my favorite Lugao (or Congee), it’s like comfort food to me. This is another family favorite as well.

Ingredients for Arrozcaldo:
½ kilo Chicken Breast (boiled and shredded)
2 tbsp Vegetable Cooking Oil
2 tbsps. Garlic, chopped
2-3 pcs. Medium sized Onion, sliced thinly
¼ cup Ginger, sliced thinly
½ cup Fish Sauce (Patis)
1 cup Malagkit Rice, (glutinous rice)
1 - 1 1/2 cups Regular Rice
Broth from the boiled chicken breast

Garnishings for Arrozcaldo:
½ cup Spring Onion (chopped finely)
½ cup Garlic, chopped finely, fried till light brown (2 heads of garlic)
Calamansi (cut into halves)
Ground Black Pepper (optional)

Procedure for the Arrozcaldo:
Combine Malagkit and regular rice, wash, drain, and let it soak for awhile (this will help in the cooking process of the rice, and gives it a nice and fluffy texture).

Meanwhile, cook the chicken breasts in about 3-4 cups water, add some salt and pepper, boil till fork tender. Take out the chicken breast when tender, let it cool for awhile, then shred it, and set aside. Keep the chicken broth, we’ll use it later.

In a big pot or casserole, saute Garlic ( 2 tbsp and the ½ cup combined, to save time in sauteing), add more cooking oil if needed, till light brown, then take out about ½ cup (set aside for garnishing), and continue sautéing the garlic left on the pan and put the onion sauté until transparent, then put the ginger, stir well, add the shredded chicken, stir for awhile, then put the Fish sauce and let it simmer for 3-5 minutes. Meanwhile, drain the rice, and mix it to the cooking chicken, if it tends to stick to the pan, put about ½ cup of water and continue to mix well for another 5 minutes. Then put the chicken broth into the cooking rice. Mix well, cover and let it simmer, then lower the fire. Stirring occasionally. Keep a close watch, you need to stir this once in awhile to avoid burning. Cook for another 15-20 minutes more, or until the rice are all cooked and soft and starts to crumble. If you think its too thick, add more water, according to the thickness you want. Serve hot on individual serving bowls (as shown in the photo) with the garnishings on the side.

For those who doesn’t know what Tokwa’t Baboy is, this side dish goes very well with Congee, it’s boiled pork belly (or any part of pork you want) sliced thinly. Tokwa is beancurd, fried till crispy, then sliced thinly and it’s mixed with the boiled pork and has a sauce, please see below for the rest of the ingredients.

½ kilo Pork Belly, boiled and sliced
Salt and pepper corns
1 pc. Beancurd, sliced
1 cup cooking oil for frying

1 cup White Vinegar
2-3 tsp. Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Garlic, chopped finely
½ tsp Sugar (optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Procedure for Tokwa’t Baboy:
Boil pork belly in water with salt and pepper corns. Cook till tender. Take it out of the pan and let cool for awhile before slicing it into strips (as shown in the picture).

Meanwhile, fry the sliced beancurd till a bit cripy. Put in paper towels or thick tissue to drain excess oil. When cool, cut into strips, same size as the pork and mix the sliced pork and bean curd in a bowl. Serve with the sauce on the side. Enjoy!


S-H-Y said...

Nako it´s quite a while since I ate aroscaldo..hhmmm maybe this is the time I do this recipe again since I really love it :P thanks for the info.

Manang Kim said...

Very awesome "lugaw" Leah, naku nagutom na naman ako dito. Happy weekend sa inyo dyan.

MaRyA said...

sarap sarap! this is my husband`s favorite! kaso ang init init ngayon para sa arroz caldo!

teJan said...

halu..thanks for dropping by on my page..kalami ba ani nga mga pagkaon oi;) godbless.

Leah said...

Hello friends,
Thanks for dropping by here. Talaga namang comfort food into, actually favorite ko talaga ang arrozcaldo, I can have this everyday kung pwede, di ako nagsasawa. Salamat ulit sa pag bisita!

amiable amy said...

yum yum yum, galing ahh...

miss ko na ito, i guess try ko itong recipe mo girl

salamat sa visit and hey, i followed your blog, do the favor too okay? thanks a lot.

Bambie said...

wow its been years na since the last time I ate a home made lugaw... gosh, i have to learn how to cook that so i can serve it to my hubby during the winter.. thanks po sa recipe =)

amiable amy said...

hello Leah, was here again...i thought i left a comment in this post...hmmm...guess not

yep, i made a congee because of you hahaha... alala ko congee ng chowking kasi ala dito sa Orlando or Mississippi

Anonymous said...

thanks for visits have a great weekend

Maus said...

bigla akong nagutom nung nakita ko yung lungaw,,im planning to cook lungaw kaso wala akong time hope makapagluto soon...