Wednesday, July 8, 2009


That’s what you’ll see in big banners in front of SM Megamall Supermarket in Mandaluyong, which means JOIN My Own Bag Day! (shoppers are supposed to use the Green Bag they sell, every Wednesday), this is to help the environment according to the saleslady.

Upon entering the supermarket yah, we saw the banners, but didn’t pay much attention to it co’z we thought it’s just another one of their promos or something. We got the shock of our lives when its our turn in the cash register, the lady manning the register asked me if I have the green bag with me, and I said no, then she said that they will just put the groceries we bought in brown paper bags (which by the way are just ordinary brown bags, not even the durable type). I asked her how about the wet stuffs we bought and the big softdrink bottles, the 5 kilo rice and so forth. She said sorry mam, we have to use the brown bags, if needed we’ll just double the brown bags for the heavy stuffs. Ok, fine, we support their cause 100%, but not at the customer’s expense. By the way, the lady suggested that if we really need plastic bags, we could buy it at P3.00 a piece or buy the green bag at P35.00, buy one-take one.

SM has a responsibility to their valued customers to at least inform them properly of MAJOR CHANGES in the store. We support the drive for less plastic bags, but PLEASE, have the courtesy to inform us your valued customers to bring plastic bags or whatever bags we can bring when we go to SM Supermarkets on a Wednesday.

And true enough, upon reaching our house, upon entering the door, two or three of the brown bags bottom part gave in, and all the groceries fell on the floor.

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