Thursday, June 25, 2009


Adobo is a very versatile recipe, Filipinos love it so much, that we cook it as an everyday dish and also for special occasions. This is a constant item in our menu at home. There are so many recipe variations you can do with Adobo, some recipes has fried wedged potatoes, others put cooked/hardboiled eggs, and still others put thick coconut milk or “Kakang gata” as we call it in Filipino to make it even tastier and creamier. Other nationalities also find Adobo very appealing and tasty, its even a popular dish on potlucks in the U.S.

Chicken and Pork Adobo (v.1 – Simple version)

3/4 kilo Pork belly cut in 2 in. cubes
¾ kilo Chicken, cut into smaller serving sizes (about the same size as the pork)

Marinade: (mix everything is a small bowl)
1 Tbsp. Freshly Ground black pepper
1 cup Soy Sauce
½ cup Vinegar (or lesser if you don’t like the taste of vinegar)
2 Heads Cloves of garlic peeled & smashed (you can add more if you really like garlic, this will add more aroma to the Adobo)

In a large bowl combine the pork and chicken, pour the marinade. Mix very well and let it stand for at least 30 minutes to 1-hour, or if you want, marinate it overnight. When ready to cook, put everything in a big pan and let it boil on medium high heat for about 5-10 minutes before you start stirring and let it continue to simmer, stirring occasionally to avoid burning. and if you like it to be more saucy, add about ½ cup of water, if not and you want it to be with lesser sauce, just let it simmer for another 10-20 minutes more or until tender. Adjust taste by adding salt if needed and Serve hot rice topped with adobo. Enjoy!..
Note: This version is alot simpler and you could practically cook it anytime you crave for adobo, its so simple that almost all the ingredients are available in your pantry. Add more soy sauce if you think it’s a bit bland. And also, you may choose to cook all pork or all chicken adobo depending on your preference, or if you love chicken wings, by all means use the wing part, or you can also use pork spare ribs just adjust the cooking time, as this may take a little longer to cook, but just the same, it will still be delicious. And regarding the garlic, for me, there is no such thing as too much garlic, this just makes adobo very delicious. This dish is so versatile, one time I tried cooking it without vinegar, and believe me, it still came out delicious!

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