Tuesday, October 17, 2017

S&R P1,000.00 Challenge

The other day, we decided to just drop-by SnR Shaw and have a look at what's new or if there's something we need that is on Sale.

So, what can you really buy with P1,000.00 in SnR?  Well, here's what we bought :)

Will update this post soon, and put the prices of each item and the description ....

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

#SMHome Colors of Christmas 2017 Holiday Collection (Megamall Branch)

Christmas is just sround the corner, and SM Home has some beautiful Christmas decors available already.  These photos were taken at the Megamall Branch.

If you're looking for Christmas decor ideas and inspirations, do visit the Basement of the
Megamall Department Store, that's where these wide aray of decors are located.  
I'm sure you'll be in awe of the wide variety of choices that they have.

You can even choose the color motif of your Christmas Tree.  There were alot of 
choices for colored motiff decors.