Sunday, July 31, 2016

How I Make Worklife Easier

Advances in technology enable us to work relentlessly if we choose to, and sometimes it takes a toll on our health and even affect our family life. It is true, we all need to work a lot, because we wanted to provide a better future for our family, but lack of balance may result to more problems later on.

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Like anyone else, I also experience worklife dilemmas and would like to share some of the things I do whenever I feel that things seem to get out of control and I need to re-focus:

Organize Your Work Space : Arrange your working area, keep everyday tools you need like notepads, pens, notebook handy anytime. Throw away unnecessary stuffs like old papers you don’t need, file documents that doesn’t need to be in your table for you to have that extra space you needed. Helps to remember “Cluttered Desk is a Cluttered Mind.”which creates a lot of stress .

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Plan Ahead and Manage Your Time : A planner, calendar, or even a to-do list can help, depending on which may work best for you. This gives you a realistic look at your schedule for the day or the whole week and see if you are over-scheduling yourself. If you turn this simple technique into a habit, it will change the way you do things, and it will help take things-off your mind.

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Get more sleep : Your best gauge for this is your own body, whenever you feel too tired , stressed out with your job or so burned-out of everyday tasks, slow down a bit. For me, even a few minutes of power-nap can do wonders. I also get more sleep by hitting the sack early during those nights when I can’t finish a post or article, so I can be more effective and be able to think more clearly the next day.

Schedule in Some Fun Time : I have discovered that purposely scheduling fun time has helped make things lighter and it’s a great way to bring in some happy moments into a rather hectic and heavy schedule. Play with your kids or nieces, be a kid again, watch a funny Disney Movie with them. Reward yourself, eat your favorite not-so-healthy snack. I also enjoy me-time – praying, meditating and thinking, helps me to think things through.

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Take Care of Yourself. Self care is vital to your health and makes you more productive. Aside from getting enough exercise, eating a more nutritious diet, taking the best supplement like FERN-C will do wonders to your health. I have been taking it for so many many years now and it has helped boost my immune system and enabled me accomplish the tasks ahead of me. In fact, my whole family takes it, from my 84-year old Mother, down to my nephews , we can happily say with Fern-C “Subok Na!”

When your family is healthy, you worry less which gives you full concentration to do your job and accomplish your goals “Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C!” .

You might ask, “Why Fern-C?”

FERN-C is the First Non-Acidic Vitamin C in the Philippines and the only Quali-C Vitamin C made from Europe, ensuring a quality Vitamin C to Millions of Filipinos.

For daily maintenance, take 1-2 capsules. For cold symptoms, take 3-4 capsules daily. May be given as is, or dissolved in fruit juices, water, or cold beverages of choice and for kids, like what I did when my daughter was still small, we open-up the capsule and mix the powdery vitamin-C with honey and she loved it. 

FERN-C may be taken either before or after meals, it’s non-acidic and super tummy-friendly, even on an empty stomach.

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