Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CD-R King's Rechargeable Torchlight

No more worries for emergency lights during brownouts.

Flashlights are essential tools to have around the house specially during emergencies. Thankfully, I found the CD-R KING CALICO 13-LED Rechargeable Torchlight Suites for my immediate need of light during a power interruption. Very handy, light weight and easy to carry. I can use it anywhere like when I'm reading, doing a craft. cooking or even having fun with your family at night.

Not just great for indoors but also for other outdoor activities like camping and hiking . The CALICO 13-LED Torchlight have 2 modes, you can use it as a standard flashlight or as a table type portable lamp using the 12- LED retractable panel. 

It's even available in 3 eye catching colors : Yellowgreen, Black and Yellow.  Being sold at an affordable price of P250.00 only.

           Power Input is AC220V 50/60Hz 
           Battery : Lead-acid battery , 4V 8.0Ah LED 
           Light : 1W LED Light + 12 pcs 0.1W SMD LED 
           Charging Time : 12-16 hrs 

You may visit their website @ www.cdrking.com

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