Monday, November 30, 2015

Nippon Releases New Color Trends for 2016 / 2017

Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines, launched it second “Trend Beyond Colours”, unveiling the nine key colour palettes featured across three inspirational palettes: “We Are One”, “New Eco”, and “Wonder-Lust”.  Each theme features three unique colours, allowing consumers to explore and express their imagination.
The first series, “We Are One”, features modern colours reminding how new age technology and social media are constantly affecting our lives and keeping us connected wherever we are.  The palette features Founder Blue (NP B 1527D), Gray Knight (NP N 2001T), and Green Tuft (NP BGG 1666A), accentuating people’s connection in a world without boundaries where digital devices are an indispensable part of our life today.

The second series, "New Eco" celebrates the wonders and simplicity of Mother Earth. Inspired by nature, "New Eco" brings consumers back in touch with the environment from its quietly stylish but ultimately comforting colours. The palette reinterprets Asia's captivating nature, from the vintage soul of Asia to the serene oceans and mighty volcanoes personified by its three colours, Tavern Buff (NP N 1867P), Lush (NP BGG 1605T), and Volcanic Black (NP N 1918A).

The third collection, "Wonder-Lust" embodies today's YOLO or "You Only Live Once" culture as it explores one's discovery for the perfect balance in life through our continual search for new interests, hobbies, experiences and adventures. For consumers that aren't afraid of some excitement in their life, "Wonder-Lust" is equally big, bold, and bright in colours. The lively colours features are Being Peach (NP YO 1219T), Fast Car (NP AC 2076A), and Blue Lullaby (NP PB 1550P).

The nine colours are forecasted to drive utilization across various industries and applications in 2016 and 2017. 

The nine trend colours were curated and handpicked by more than 50 design professionals, colour experts and enthusiasts from all over the Asia Pacific Region, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan, held at the Asia Pacific ChromaZone Colour Forecasting Workshop 2015 in Japan earlier this year.

Michael Chung, General Manager of Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines, explained why these palettes were chosen. "To create these palettes, we have analyzed the effects of colours and how behaviour is influenced by colour, fashion, retail performance, lifestyle trends, and culture in today's world. Nippon Paint's Trend Beyond Colors will inspire consumers to create their own designer styles drawing on the three themes handpicked by our designers. The publication is packed with many photos and ideas, featuring our designers' personal tips and recommendations on how the colour palette can be cleverly and innovately applied on both interior and exterior surfaces," Chung further explained.

These colours can be coated to almost any imaginable surfaces, including wood, tiles, cement, slate, and glass. Consumers can also use these colours to mimic the look and feel of three-dimensional textures of stone, marble, velvet, or satin using the series of Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint.

Trend Beyond Colours 2016/17 is available for download online. To download or to read it online, please visit

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