Monday, November 16, 2015

Maine Mendoza's (#YayaDub) Shades of Lipsticks

Have you ever wondered what shades of lipstick does Maine Mendoza uses?  Let's take a look at these photos and get her "luscious lips look".


Peachy Pink

In the Lipstick Shade of the Year-
Perfect Shade of Nude
Baby Doll Pink Lipstick
Vampy Red Lipstick
Her favorite shade - Nude
Wine Shade Lipstick
Luscious in Red
Perfect in Peach
Pretty in Pink
So, which one is your favorite?  Someone even suggested that she should be a model of a Brand of Lipstick, and another commented that she has those pouting, lovely lips ala Angelina Jolie.  What do you think?

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