Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas is definitely my favorite season!

Christmas is just a week away...

The mornings are getting really cooler and cooler, nights are shorter, Christmas décor and lights are in full parade, the malls are decked with different and pretty decorations.  Christmas is right around the corner…

My family went around to the different malls, we just enjoy looking at the different decorations this year.

There's a gigantic Christmas Tree in the lobby of Shangri-La Mall

Dreamy Facade of Rustan's, also in Shangrila

Megamall Decors

Megamall Atrium

Virramall, Greenhills

at the Trinoma Mall

Market! Market!

Nothing signals Christmas like the warm glow of colored lights and the magical memories we've created as family and friends gather together.  From our Home to your Home,  MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!


Mom of Four said...

Grabeh talaga ang malls dyan sa Pilipinas, as in, grabeh! Dito kasi sa US, ang mga malls maliliit lang, talo talaga ng Pinas ang America. At ang mga Christmas tress naman ang gaganda. Sinong magsasabing naghihirap ang ating bansa?? Hehehe.

How are you Leah? sensiya na, now lang ako naka visit sa aking Lutong Bahay, busy sa mga kiddos..

Mommy Liza's Lutong Bahay..

rjs mama said...

advance merry christmas

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nuts said...

that's fabulous!

Dj Mariñas said...

Merry Christmas !!!

Thanks for the visit :-)

burn said...

Christmas is in the air. Nice kau ang mga decorations in the malls.

Me said...

me too love Christmas not for the present but the long holiday I´ve got from work and be home with kids baking and making candies...just love it...and of course I love to decorate my home...hehehe! have a lovely holiday season ahead....

This picture of your is wonderful..thnkas for sharing..

Riza said...

Yan ang madalas naming puntahan ng mga anak ko kapag nagma-malling, yung mga displays.

janis said...

Merry Christmas & happy new year! :)

love the decors sa Rustan's! :)

MinnieRunner said...

I haven't been to other malls except Trinoma, so I really have no idea what the decorations in the other malls looked like.

Thanks for sharing :)