Sunday, August 23, 2009


I can’t remember the last time we’ve been to Shangri-la Mall, we didn’t notice that there’s a cute little resto MEE NOODLE BAR & RESTAURANT that has been there since December 2008.

What caught our attention is the ambiance of the place, seem relaxing, quiet, nice interiors, and very condusive to small talks. It’s located at Level 1, Shangri-la Plaza Mall (at the back of National Bookstore, or fronting Mercury Drugstore.

They have an on-going promo, FREE pot of brewed coffee or green tea everytime you order a minimum of 3 light snack dishes from their light-snack menu. It is available from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. everyday, for dine-in only.

We ordered the light snacks and avail of a hot pot of brewed coffee (Folger’s Brand according to the waiter). By the way, these snacks are kid friendly, my daughter also loved them. Here’s what we ordered, 4 pcs. Roasted Pork Barbeque Roll with Sesame seeds and 2 pcs. Mantau bread, costs P80.00; 4 pcs. Beef Curry Puff Empanada, very yummy (hubby’s instant favorite), P85.00; 4 pcs. Shrimp and Pork (w/ mushroom) Dumplings (also good), costs P80.00.

There are other dishes in the Menu like Palabok, Lomi, platter of assorted fresh fruits, etc. They also have “Create your own Mongolian BBQ Bowl”, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – available lunch and dinner.

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